And the Earth Screamed, Alive

The bunker’s reemergence in the cloud has made disaster recovery readily available, in part by making disaster constantly imaginable -Tung-Hui Hu

And the Earth Screamed, Alive* is a immersive installation presented for the first time at South Kiosk, featuring a multi-media installation centred around 16mm film and research project White Mountain (2016).

And the Earth Screamed, Alive transforms the gallery space and take the viewer on a journey through the concealed and protected architecture of the data center, creating an immersive installation by deconstructing White Mountain, through a combination of projections, tv screens, monitors and print, this solo presentation focuses on the handling of digital information. For this exhibition a soundscape has also been created using a variety of audio recording devices. Gathering vibrations and electromagnetic sounds from the rock face above the data center as well as deep inside the server rooms itself, Charles has created an audio composition both revealing and processing the reverberations of the hidden environment.

*“And the Earth Screamed, Alive” Jussi Parrika, A Geology of Media, University of Minnesota Press (2015).